We have two video divisions based on your style as well as your financial needs. We offer 2 options: 

Classic video   
Cinematographic video               

There are a few differences:


Cine:     Most couples get a short film (20-30 minutes edited film) with pieces of each part of the day in the film.

Classic: Most of the videos are longer form (30-60 minutes edited film) and include more of ceremony, speeches, party, first dance, etc..


Cine:     Glidecam, drones, sliders and time lapses are some things we use to create the film.

Classic: One camera person capturing what happens with no additional equipment.


Cine:     Editing is very involved and it’s more cinematic in nature with movement.

Classic: Editing is straightforward and the movement is provided by the guests.

Classic video highlight trailer: 

Cinematographic video trailer: